About Me- Kelsey Brooks

As a teenager, I remember sitting at our kitchen table in Canmore Alberta, listening to my dad tell me about this scary “phenomenon” called climate change that was in the news and starting to raise concern among scientists (himself included). But these conversations were, naturally, shadowed by the new baby in the family or long discussions of Messi’s recent out-of-this-world header into the goal. And at that time- like most other fifteen year olds- I didn’t understand just what climate change meant for the world, nor did I take the time to. Years later, during my economics degree in Vancouver, I took a couple electives on climate change taught by one of Canada’s renowned climate scientists, Simon Donner. Boy did I ever learn a lot from Dr. Donner; his courses dramatically shifted my understanding from “climate change is something bad that exists” to “these graphs show exactly how anthropogenic CO2 emissions have increased drastically over time and will result in major environmental and economic hardships for most of the earth.” Unless the world acts, and acts now.

From the Noble Rockies to the Wild Pacific Northwest

My career in the environmental field arose from my own roots growing up in the great outdoors. Now, backed by both an economics degree and a strong knowledge of climate mitigation and the clean energy transition, I advise a diverse range of North American businesses on climate solutions.

Today, I work with vigour and intent to advocate for climate solutions that are rooted in protecting the climate, empowering the economy, and enriching the quality of life in the communities we call home. My research interests have a particular focus on harnessing clean energy technology to decarbonize the global economy, and reach the critical climate targets set out by the Paris Agreement.

I also truly believe that within the great challenges of the current pandemic is an unparalleled opportunity for a clean recovery, and that is something for us all to be excited about- and to fight for.


Evaluated and forecasted the supply and demand of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) in British Columbia. The final report directly influenced BC’s ZEV Mandate; 100% of new vehicles sold in the province will be electric by 2040.

Planned and executed a “Global Drive to Zero” expert panel at the 2019 Clean Energy Ministerial in Vancouver. The event had over 250 attendees including Canada’s Federal Climate Change and Energy Ministers. The panel influenced Vancouver, BC and Canada to join the official Drive to Zero pledge to transition medium/heavy-duty transportation to zero emissions.

 • Analyzed climate issues to drive U.S. impact investments including carbon capture, electric vehicles, social justice and climate change, and communicating climate change to the public.

The Rocky Mountains are my place of birth and will always hold a place in my heart. There is nothing in this world quite like the feathery touch of larch trees in Fall’s golden hour, or the crackle of scree and snow under foot as you make those last leaps towards turning your face to the edge of the world. And of course, the glorious silence that blankets the mountain vista, this universe of underbrush and stone, and scent of pine and fiery paintbrushes lingering about you until your eyes close that evening under the vast Prairie sky.

Over the past decade of exploring our wild and cherished outdoors, I have also developed a passion for (very amateur) photography. Here are few shots of the places I’ve been across the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest that I hold most dear to my heart:

The Road to Skoki Lodge, Rocky Mountains Alberta
The Great Storm King, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State
The Native land of Flores Island off of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Changing weather over the Rocky Mountains