The New North American Dream

The Tesla is a damn sexy car. Even though they are almost as ubiquitous as lockdown sourdough starters these days, there is no arguing against their alluring, near unfathomably sleek exterior that glides past you, smoother and more effortless than wind. Or that coveted silver “T” that gives the world the head-nod that you’re not only in the electric vehicle club- you’re in the Tesla club.

And yet. For all its well-deserved glory, can the Tesla Model 3 or Model S carry you masterfully up a skihill in December, with all your gear- and your four buddies’ gear- in toe? Can it cruise jovially over the bumps and bruises of the gnarly, forested backcountry in summer? Forget pitching a full-on tent and camping setup on the car, its backseat barely fits your work gear, let alone anything bound for the great outdoors. For many with city lifestyles, the Tesla 3 or S will stand the test of time, and there is no more to be said for this above-the-rest ride, that will play out in history as one of the most ingenious inventions of the 21st century. But for others, there must be something more than sexiness and a battery. Perhaps, you are willing and even eager to support the environmental cause by going electric, but want to do so in a way that lets you live the life you do. A life of adventure, and exploring the world around you, whether close or far from home.

Enter the New North American Dream: Electric Big Rigs.

 “There is direct, complex link between vehicle owners and their vehicles. If all we needed was basic transportation that would get us to work and back every day, a Yugo would suffice. Or even a godawful East German Trabant would get the job done, or an early Hyundai Excel.”

Steve Hanley, Clean Technia

Stay Tuned- this blog is to be continued…!

For now, see more at:

Adventure Journal’s “The Future of Electric Off-Road May Be Here”

as well as Road and Track’s “The Electric Truck Wars are Here” and

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